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Marc Gordon is a guitarist, composer and guitar coach living in the magical Teifi Valley in West Wales.

Is involved in the rich local musical scene, where he teaches and mentors pupils of all abilities, ages and genres as well as providing arrangements and support music for singers & songwriters. as well as being the musical half of the performance poetry duo The Chilly Dogz.
Marc has been playing and performing for a long time both as a soloist and with bands, in a broad spectrum of styles. The last eight years has seen Marc focusing on composing, arranging and performing his own descriptive solo pieces; of nature,  ‘portraits’ of people he meets, and emotions where he uses the vitality of music to communicate images and feelings to his audience.
His latest project was a 3 movement guitar 'concerto' titled 'Do We Listen? Will We Ever Learn?' with the CD released in 2015.
As he enjoys ‘fresh’ music, many of his pieces are primarily improvisation around a concept framework, which means that no two performances are exactly the same. So you can either get involved in discovering the images his music provokes or just chill-out and enjoy.

Recently he has been taking commissions for backing music for film and alternative therapy sessions